Hi, I'm Christa and I watch a lot of movies. Maybe not as many as some but definitely more than the average person.

One of my greatest loves is visiting the cinema. Sure, it's not like it used to be in the 90's when you could smoke and get fingered in the back row without being hassled (who am I kidding, I was the swot in the middle, sssshing the cool kids) but it's still an experience I cherish and I do it as much as I can. 

This blog is an extension of that love affair. I want to keep track of the films I enjoy in the theatre because cinema is not dead and it never will be. Whether I'm with friends or eating popcorn in the dark, alone - I'm going to blog it. Whether the film is a wet stinker or the greatest movie ever made, it will feature. Whether my viewing experience is tainted by the abhorrent behaviour of teenagers or I get kicked in the back for the duration, I'll be here. 

Multiplex after work or indy midnight showing on a weekend, I'm in. John Waters or John Woo - here. Paul Thomas or Wes Anderson - here. 

You get the picture.