Hereditary – Second Viewing

*Slightly spoiler-y*

I’ve already reviewed Hereditary here but I managed to catch it again last week, just before it left the theaters in Brighton.

I absolutely love it and more so on second viewing. It is such a unique experience and while it isn’t perfect (what the hell is?), it’s a brilliant achievement for Director Ari Aster and his team. 

If Toni Collette isn’t nommed in next year’s Oscars for her performance then I might have to boycott. She’s mesmerising as increasingly unhinged matriarch Annie, who’s barely holding the remainder of her family together following a series of tragic (and, we soon find out) preordained events.

My second viewing really unravelled a lot of the elements I didn’t catch the first time and further reading has helped me get my head around the folklore that entwines the entire narrative. It’s fucking terrifying too, even when you know what’s coming – but it’s frightening in a way that’s difficult to define. It’s gets under your skin and it lingers there for a long time afterward.

I need more horror just like this, please!

Oscars 2018 – Thoughts, hopes & dreams

Happy Oscars Day!

I’m not sure yet how I’ll be viewing or even when, however I am very excited. In the grand scheme of things I do realise that The Academy Awards don’t really mean that much. I mean, I love them – but most of the films I love from the bottom of my heart could never be honoured by the board and that’s fine.

That said, there are many things to be buzzed about, particularly this year. The Baftas and The Golden Globes in the wake of Hollywood’s sex scandals* have been very interesting to follow and I should imagine, the Oscars will be no different. The fact that pig-dogs like Franco and the Afflecks (unpleasant band name alert) won’t be there is massive. But I guess until this is followed through ALL THE WAY it really doesn’t mean a thing.

Anyway! I’m most into the fact that my absolute favourite film of recent years – a fucking HORROR MOVIE – is in the Best Picture Category (along with Best Director and Best Actor). I haven’t been this invested since my one true love Philip Seymour Hoffman won Best Actor in 2005.

Without further ado, let’s get down to bidniz. With my own brief commentary because you know, what I think is incredibly important to the crème de la crème of Hollywood.


Best Motion Picture of the Year

(I’m not linking to any of these as it will take me forever but here’s a guide to 2018’s nominees).


Call Me By Your Name • Darkest Hour • Dunkirk • Get Out • Lady Bird • Phantom Thread • The Post • The Shape of Water • Three Billboards Outside Epping, Missouri

My Hopes

Get Out obviously. It’s far superior to any of the movies in the category in my eyes. If it wins (which it just did at The Independent Spirit Awards) then I will be a very very happy film lover indeed.

If not, I’ll be happy for Lady Bird and Call Me By Your Name.

What Will Probably Happen

The Shape of Water seems the obvious choice. I did like it but it’s not my Best Picture.

12 (17)

Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role


Daniel Day-Lewis • Daniel Kaluuya • Denzel Washington • Gary Oldman • Timothée Chalamet

My Hopes

Duh. My boy Daniel Kaluuya is a dream and he deserves that statuette.

What Will Probably Happen

Gary Oldman will win. Yawn.

12 (18).png

Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role


Frances McDormand • Margot Robbie • Meryl Streep • Sally Hawkins • Saoirse Ronan

My Hopes

Honestly, Sally Hawkins or Saoirse Ronan, veering towards Ronan.

What Will Probably Happen

It’s going to be Frances and that’s okay. It is deserved – I just don’t love love the film, which I guess isn’t really the point.

12 (16)

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role


Christopher Plummer • Richard Jenkins • Sam Rockwell • Willem Dafoe • Woody Harrelson 

My Hopes

Hands down Richard Jenkins for The Shape of Water. He was wonderful. Failing RJ, Willem Dafoe for The Florida Project.

What Will Probably Happen

I suspect Sam Rockwell has this one in the bag.

12 (15)

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role


Allison Janney • Laurie Metcalf • Lesley Manville • Mary J. Blige • Octavia Spencer

My Hopes

This is such a strong category! For me it’s Laurie Metcalf, perhaps because she served such passive aggressive realness. Octavia was pure perfection though and Allison Janney stole I, Tonya – so I’m good with any of those ladies.

What Will Probably Happen

Allison Janney will take this without breaking a sweat.

get-out-jordan-peele (1)

Best Achievement in Directing


Christopher Nolan • Greta Gerwig • Guillermo del Toro • Jordan Peele • Paul Thomas Anderson

My Hopes

If Jordan Peele doesn’t steal this, I’ll be sick. He’s by far the most exciting prospect Hollywood has had in ages. Otherwise, give it to my girl Greta – because Lady Bird is insanely good and so is she.

What Will Probably Happen

I’m pretty sure Guillermo’s done all the groundwork to be a fine Best Director winner this year and I wouldn’t be mad. Actually, I’ll be table throwing outraged if Peele doesn’t take this but you know, it wouldn’t be del Toro’s fault.

Other Thoughts…

12 (14)

Best Original Screenplay

Get Out Lady Bird • The Big Sick • Three Billboards Outside Epping, Missouri • The Shape of Water 


It should be Get Out obviously, though they’re pretty much all great. Give it to Get Out, it’s so original and thought-provoking, the most exciting film in the race.

12 (13)

Best Adapted Screenplay

Logan • The Disaster Artist • Call Me By Your Name • Molly’s Game • Mudbound


It has to be Call Me By Your Name, hasn’t it? Although I have the book I haven’t read it yet but I’ve heard the film is a cracking adaptation.


Best Achievement in Cinematography

Blade Runner 2049 • Darkest Hour • Dunkirk • Mudbound • The Shape of Water


I really honestly think Blade Runner could and should take this. Villeneuve is a genius and I really enjoyed his vision – and paired with the mighty Roger Deakins, how could it fail?

I really don’t care that much for the others (though I haven’t seen Mudbound yet, it might be spectacular).

12 (12).png

Best Achievement in Costume Design

Beauty and the Beast • Darkest Hour • Phantom Thread • Victoria & Abdul • The Shape of Water 


Get it, Phantom Thread.


Best Foreign Language Film of the Year

A Fantastic Woman • Loveless • On Body and Soul • The Insult • The Square 


I’ve only see A Fantastic Woman tbh so it’s got my vote. It was quite lovely.

12 (11)

Best Animated Feature Film

Coco • Ferdinand • Loving Vincent • The Boss Baby • The Breadwinner


Again I am painfully behind in the animated feature category, but I did see Coco and love it. Meanwhile, I fancy seeing all of them in good time. Not you Boss Baby.


That my friends is my Oscar post. Any thoughts?