Beast (2018)

Directed by: Michael Pearce
Starring: Jessie BuckleyJohnny FlynnGeraldine James

IMDB Synopsis

A troubled woman living in an isolated community finds herself pulled between the control of her oppressive family and the allure of a secretive outsider suspected of a series of brutal murders.

Where: Duke’s @ Komedia
When: Tuesday 24th April
Snacks: Latte, hallumi & pesto toasted sandwich on sourdough

*Minor spoilers*

My Review

Moll (Buckley) lives on a somewhat isolated Jersey island with a controlling and snobbish mother (James). There’s a distinct hint that she has something dark in her past that her family won’t let her forget but when we meet her she just seems lonely and over-shadowed by her perfect sister and her perfect life.

When Moll skips her own birthday party to go dancing in town, she inadvertently kick starts a series of events that will change the course of her life for good. All this to the back drop of a series of murders being committed on the island, which is even harder to stomach when you consider the tiny population. One of their own is raping and murdering girls – and it could be any one of them.

When Moll meets the hot but mysterious Pascal (Flynn), she feels as though all her Christmases have come at once. But their bliss does not last long before vicious rumours come out of the woodwork and she learns that he’s a person of interest in the killings. Could this be simple local hearsay or is there something more to it?


I think what begs the question here is, what does that bring out in Moll herself? As she comes to her own conclusions about Pascal, she learns an awful lot about herself and her own motivations too. In many ways it’s an absolute joy to watch Moll rebel against the restrictive confines of her life, to witness her pissing off her family and stirring up shit. I caught myself a couple of times reminiscing about unhealthy yet fun flings I’ve had in the past that have been a terrible idea but made me feel alive at the time.

It’s a pretty intense ride and a dilemma I hope none of us ever find ourselves in, however it makes for a compelling movie. I really enjoyed this one, from the way it looked – the lighting is heavenly and the scenery utterly breathtaking – to the intensity of the did he/didn’t he plot as it unraveled.

The performances are great, particularly Jessie Buckley who demands your undivided attention and there’s no doubt that this is all about her. Pascal is a major part of her own self-discovery but the metaphor of the beast lies firmly with her.


My Rating